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The 1x1 of patient positioning in prone position



The supreme discipline of patient positioning is to provide comfortable and stable positioning of patients (often older or mobility-impaired persons) in prone position. Let's think for example of...

...Superman position for wrist or elbow MRIs...
...breast MRI scans in breast coils
...infiltrations or similar procedures on the spine
Due to the unnatural position and the resulting discomfort, these examinations are particularly often affected by motion and are repeatedly followed by negative feedback and complaints from patients.
In the course of 15-30 minutes an initially only slight pressure point often leads to a very painful feeling for the patients.

Experience shows that three simple measures can be taken to create the basis for a smooth and successful examination procedure:

  1. Support the feet, e.g. with a roll, cushion or wedge, to relieve the knees
  2. Position the head comfortably and if possible...
    a. ...consider the preferred position of the patient (head mobility left/right)
    b. ...use the arms to support the head position
    c. ...use special aids with face opening for a straight head position
  3. Position as large and evenly as possible to relieve pressure sensitive areas (e.g. sternum, ribcage)

And it is precisely for these difficult situations that the saying "practice makes perfect" applies - and the best way to ensure improvements is to simulate and discuss patient positions with different positioning aids together with your team. For your inspiration, please follow the link to download some background information, application examples and tips.

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