Pediatric Radiology

Comfort and Stability in Pediatric Radiology

Everyone knows – kids aren’t just little adults.

This especially holds true in the field of radiology, where pediatric exams pose various challenges making it difficult to successfully perform “non-routine examinations” with non-compliant children, given the fact that coils and holders are mostly available in adult-sizes only. Therefore, a high degree of creativity is often needed in patient positioning processes.

Child in MRI headcoil with Crania positioning aid

Head immobilization MRI

Newborn in MRI coil wrapped in BabyFix Cocoon

Newborn in MRI

Child in MRI headcoil with Crania positioning aid
Newborn in MRI coil wrapped in BabyFix Cocoon

Comfortable and Stable

Positioning Solutions

To create ideal conditions for safe and caring radiological examinations, various Pearltec positioning solutions were specifically developed to help position and immobilize kids.


ProBelt is the first completely hook-and-loop-free belt system and allows a hygienic fixation of patients on the CT. The ProBelt system is compatible with the CT tables of all equipment manufacturers using various rail adapters.


PearlFit positioning aids can be used for stable but yet comfortable patient positioning inside and outside the field of view during all radiological procedures.

PearlFit Vac

PearlFit Vac positioning aids become stable by withdrawing air and allow a reproducible patient positioning.

BabyFix Cocoon

The BabyFix Cocoon creates ideal conditions for a safe and careful examination procedure for newborn babies in the MRI scanner.


The CRANIA products offer an optimum patient positioning during head MRI examinations.


Pearltec Accessories include sanitary covers and single-use belt systems for flexible patient positioning among others.

Case Study

To find out how Pearltec positioning solutions helped improve workflows and results in pediatric radiology departments, download the case study here.

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