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How to Manage Heavy Patients in Conventional X-Ray

Date 26. June 2024
Obesity is playing an increasingly important and problematic role in radiology. The number of obese patients is constantly increasing, which leads to special requirements in diagnostics and therapy. ...
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Why Radiographers deserve better Positioning Aids

Date 20. May 2024
Radiographers play a pivotal role in patient care by ensuring that diagnostic images are clear, accurate, and of high diagnostic value. To achieve this, the positioning of a patient during a ...
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Keep calm & show confidence

Date 02. May 2024
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A look behind Pearl Technology – the entrepreneurial story

Date 09. April 2024
Pearl Technology AG is known for its versatile, perfected positioning aids. In the long-lived environment of radiology, the company has transformed from a small start-up into an established company. ...
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SHOULDER X-RAY IN 2 Planes in Supine POSITION – Ready, steady, 45 °

Date 09. April 2024
Positioning the shoulder requires a precise alignment of the patient in order to achieve optimal imaging results. Particular precision is required if the patient has to be X-rayed lying down. If the ...
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Unique challenges in patient positioning in Specific MRI Exams & diverse patient cohorts

Date 04. March 2024
Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) remains a cornerstone in diagnostics, yet certain examinations pose unique positioning challenges, notably in Cardiac MRI, Elbow, Wrist, Hand, and imaging on kyphotic ...
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A LOOK BEHIND THE MACHINES - How does one make a PET scanner?

Date 15. December 2023
In medical imaging, we usually take our devices for granted - unless they don't work. We know that the technology behind them is highly developed. But how are they built? Who are the people whose ...
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The Radiology Revolution – Simple Workflows Standardization, the foundation for AI implementation as a radiological aiding tool

Date 11. December 2023
In the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare, the radiology departments have emerged as vital hubs in diagnosing and treating a myriad of medical conditions. The digital age has ushered in ...
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The Significance of a Great Patient Experience in Radiology

Date 06. November 2023
The patient experience in the radiology setting is an integral yet often underestimated aspect of healthcare provision. None of us enjoy feeling like we’re being passed through an assembling line in ...
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Kissen unter den Knien in der Radiologie

The Significance of Optimal Patient Positioning in Radiology

Date 05. October 2023
Accurate diagnostic imaging is the cornerstone of modern healthcare, aiding in the timely and precise diagnosis of various medical conditions. Optimal patient positioning plays a pivotal role in ...
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