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Hygiene standards for radiology departments during COVID-19

Date 30. March 2020
The pace of the spread of COVID-19 is overwhelming and at the same time, it is very interesting to see, how basic measures like disinfection and washing hands become the “Golden Rules” to contain the ...
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The 1x1 of patient positioning in prone position

Date 11. March 2020
The supreme discipline of patient positioning is to provide comfortable and stable positioning of patients (often older or mobility-impaired persons) in prone position. Let's think for example of... ...
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Implementation of the feed-and-sleep MRI in an interdisciplinary environment

Date 16. October 2019
MRI-examinations in newborns are not an everyday occurrence and pose special challenges for everyone involved from radiology, neonatology as well as anesthesia for various reasons. Until today ...
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