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A LOOK BEHIND THE MACHINES - How does one make a PET scanner?

Date 15. December 2023
In medical imaging, we usually take our devices for granted - unless they don't work. We know that the technology behind them is highly developed. But how are they built? Who are the people whose ...
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The Radiology Revolution – Simple Workflows Standardization, the foundation for AI implementation as a radiological aiding tool

Date 11. December 2023
In the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare, the radiology departments have emerged as vital hubs in diagnosing and treating a myriad of medical conditions. The digital age has ushered in ...
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The Significance of a Great Patient Experience in Radiology

Date 06. November 2023
The patient experience in the radiology setting is an integral yet often underestimated aspect of healthcare provision. None of us enjoy feeling like we’re being passed through an assembling line in ...
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Kissen unter den Knien in der Radiologie

The Significance of Optimal Patient Positioning in Radiology

Date 05. October 2023
Accurate diagnostic imaging is the cornerstone of modern healthcare, aiding in the timely and precise diagnosis of various medical conditions. Optimal patient positioning plays a pivotal role in ...
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MRT der Schulter

Two Common Errors in Patient Positioning in Radiology

Date 05. September 2023
Correct patient positioning is a critical factor in the safety and success of imaging examinations. However, even experienced professionals can sometimes make mistakes when positioning patients, ...
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Date 16. August 2023
Positioning aids have become an indispensable part of everyday radiological practice and play a crucial role in keeping patients stable and comfortable. In this way, they make a significant ...
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MRT der Schulter


Date 21. July 2023
Being a radiographer in Mozambique is certainly different from being one in Switzerland. Kerstin Koller, radiographer, talks about her experiences working in Southeast Africa. Mozambique is a ...
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From Students to CEO's - Everything MRI

Date 24. May 2023
Ensuring safety in MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) is a longstanding battle that we all have endured alongside regulators, guideline providers, staff members, and corporate CEO’s, for too long now. ...
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Case Study ProBelt-system

Date 26. October 2022
The rising number of examinations coupled with increased demands are putting more and more pressure on the radiology department. Aspects such as easy handling, impeccable hygiene and the influence on ...
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Patient wird von Radiologiefachperson im CT immobilisiert

Patient positioning in radiologoy today and in the future

Date 09. September 2022
With genetic engineering, artificial intelligence and nanotechnology, technological progress has a major impact on healthcare. Radiology is also a subfield of healthcare in which technological ...
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