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Motion artifacts in radiology:

Date 13. May 2022
In radiology and especially in MRI examinations, motion artifacts play an important role. Uncooperative patients, challenging examination positions or too little time for correct patient positioning ...
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Date 01. April 2022
Uncooperative patients, unnatural and uncomfortable examination positions and, last but not least, the duration of an examination are common challenges during MRI examinations. Enormous time pressure ...
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Arm positioning during Thorax/Abdomen CTs of motion-impaired Patients

Date 09. March 2022
Thorax/abdomen examinations are routine CT examinations in which the patient’s arms are usually positioned above the head. However, if the patient’s arms cannot be positioned above the head, correct ...
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Head CT in lateral position, what if the standard can't be followed?

Date 01. February 2022
No matter what time of day, virtually no one is getting nervous about running a cranial CT scan (CCT. It's a routine exam that's one of the first things you learn and one of the most frequently ...
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Elbow CT - how to position patients when things don't work as usual?

Date 19. January 2022
You know the situation - the patient is supposed to have an elbow CT but is seriously limited in movement, has severe pain and/or cannot extend the arm as usual. Lying on the stomach with the arm ...
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The 101 of patient positioning in prone position

Date 13. December 2021
  In both CT and MRI, there are indications that require the patient to be placed in the prone position. Lying in prone position is less of a challenge in "sleeping mode" on a comfortable mattress. ...
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Hygiene standards for radiology departments during COVID-19

Date 30. March 2020
The pace of the spread of COVID-19 is overwhelming and at the same time, it is very interesting to see, how basic measures like disinfection and washing hands become the “Golden Rules” to contain the ...
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Implementation of the feed-and-sleep MRI in an interdisciplinary environment

Date 16. October 2019
MRI-examinations in newborns are not an everyday occurrence and pose special challenges for everyone involved from radiology, neonatology as well as anesthesia for various reasons. Until today ...
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