The new standard of Care


The flexible and universally applicable MULTIPAD family of products enables optimum patient placement, positioning and fixation when it comes to examinations using head and extremity coils.

MULTIPADs can also be used with flex coils and are particularly helpful when body parts are examined with alienated coils (e.g. ankle in knee coil). Some of the most common applications are the following: 

Head - Cervical Spine - Shoulder
- Elbow - Wrist - Hand/Finger -
Knee - Foot/Ankle


Lead to improved image quality and therefore a reliable diagnosis and to fewer repetitions and therefore save time and costs.


Enables efficient, clear and straight forward handling, therefore reducing the large variety of different positioning products.

Optimum patient comfort

The pressure-free, adaptive immobilization increases patient comfort and therefore has a positive effect on the entire examination procedure.



Choose MULTIPAD depending on the size of the gap. MULTIPAD can be positioned on the upper and lower leg laterally to the patella or can be used to support the stability of the lower leg.






Depending on the size of the gap, MULTIPADs are positioned on/ next to headphones or directly on the patient’s ears. This minimizes minute nodding and rotational movements of the head.



The new Standard of Care

MULTIPAD Product Family

The MULTIPADs are positioned between patient and coil and inflated with a hand-pump for comfortable immobilization of patients. The MULTIPADs are available in different sizes and shapes to cover the requirements of different coils and anatomies.

Our Products

Produktbild von einem Multipad Standard ohne Hintergrund

Multipad Standard

The MULTIPAD Standard has a dimension of 17 x 6 cm and variable thickness of 2 to 5 cm and is therefore particularly suitable for situations where there are no specific restrictions.
Produktbild von einem Multipad Plus ohne Hintergrund

Multipad Plus

The MULTIPAD Plus has a dimension of 17 x 11 cm and a variable thickness of 2 to 5 cm and is therefore particularly suitable to fill larger gaps.
Produktbild von einem Multipad Slim ohne Hintergrund

Multipad Slim

The MULTIPAD Slim has a dimension of 17 x 9 cm and a variable thickness of 1 to 3 cm and is therefore particularly suitable for situations where space is limited.
Produktbild von einem Multipad Bendy ohne Hintergrund

Multipad Bendy

Given its dimension of 24x10 cm and a variable thickness of 1-4cm the MULTIPAD Bendy is perfectly suited for a wide variety of joint examinations, particularly those involving flex coils.
Produktbild von einem Multipad Ear ohne Hintergrund

Multipad Ear

Given its dimensions of 17x10 cm and a variable thickness of 1-4cm the MULTIPAD Ear is perfect for immobilizing the patient‘s head during MRI scans when using in-ear headphones or earplugs.
Produktbild von verschiedenen Multipads und dem Multipad Cover die es alle zusammen im Multipad Kit gibt. Bild ist ohne Hintergrund

Multipad Research Kit

The configuration of the MULTIPAD Research Kit allows easy adaptation of the immobilization to the requirements of the particular research setup.
Prodiktbild des Multipadschutzes ohne Hintergrund


Sanitary single-use cover for MULTIPAD product family.
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