Accessories for Pearltec Positioning Solutions


The accessories are an ideal complement to the Pearltec positioning aids and help to achieve the optimum in terms of hygiene, simple and fast workflows and stability when positioning patients.


Sanitary single-use cover for MULTIPAD product family.

Cover Headphones

Sanitary single-use cover for headphones.

iFIX Fleece

iFIX Fleece is available in three different sizes and comes on a roll in a dispenser box. By utilizing the included cutter it can be cut to the length needed.

iFIX Head Mask

iFIX Head Mask is used to immobilize the patient‘s head.

iFIX Slot Adapter

iFIX Slot Adapter is coated with micro-hook and can be slided into the rails on the patient table.

iFIX Patch

iFIX Patch is a self-adhesive micro-hook that can be applied on the patient table as well as on PearlFit (Vac) positioning aids cushions.

iFIX Patch Adapter

iFIX Patch Adapter is coated with micro-hook and can be applied on existing hooks of holders, cradles and patient tables.

Hand-Vacuum pump

Hand Vacuum-Pump is MR-compatible and can be used to withdraw air from vacuum cushions.
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