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Unique patient positioning solutions

Pearl Technology specializes in the field of patient positioning for radiology, nuclear medicine and radiotherapy and offers a broad range of durable, resistant and hygienic positioning aids for various applications. Besides these standard products Pearl Technology offers the development and manufacturing of customized solutions for OEMs as well as for researchers in various medical fields.


The importance of good patient positioning cannot be overstated. Although it is not the only determining factor, it is vital. Without it, all other efforts are pointless.

Adequate and correct positioning of the patient is the basis of every successful radiological examination. Not only can it improve image quality, e.g. by suppressing movement artefacts, but good positioning can also increase patient satisfaction.

Patient positioning and the use of adequate aids have a direct influence on hygiene, efficiency and sustainability in radiology departments.

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Unique Patient Positioning Solutions


The patented technology originates from research with high resolution pQCT-Systems. Core advantages are the high degree of variability, an even pressure distribution and an individually adaptable immobilization. Thanks to many years of experience in the field of patient positioning, combined with this technological and design flexibility, adaptive and customer-oriented solutions can be developed that provide clear product added value and application benefits.

Individually adaptable

The high adaptability of the EPS beads is used for individual, pressure point-free and thus comfortable patient positioning in a variety of different positioning situations.

Perfectly Hygienic

The high-quality PU foil withstands regular, intensive cleaning and wipe disinfection and provides a permanently undamaged surface for unquestionably perfect hygiene.

High Durability

Surfaces and weld seams are enormously hard-wearing and therefore ideally suited to the heavy use in radiology in particular.

What our customers say

At Pearl Technology, customer satisfaction is our number one priority. We work hard every day to develop high-quality products that meet our customers' needs and help them perform their radiology examinations as smoothly as possible.





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