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Besides standard and research solutions Pearl Technology AG offers customized solutions for OEMs in the field of radiotherapy.

Projects are very often related to the placement, positioning and fixation of patients during stereotactic radiotherapy (SBRT).

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Radiotherapy Projects

Reference Project Civco Respiratory Plate Cushion


To develop a custom-built positioning aid for stereotactic radiotherapies and simulations with the Body Pro-Lok™ Wide Respiratory Plate of Civco Medical Solutions.

Key Challenge

To design a cushion that is adaptive in its form, evenly distributes pressure and thus increases patient comfort.


  • The Respiratory Plate Cushion as an integral component of the Body Pro-Lok ONE™ SBRT Immobilisations System of Civco Medical Solutions.
  • A pearl chamber that individually adapts to each anatomy and allows a gentle, pressure-free examination and thus optimal patient comfort.
  • The hand pump with gauge facilitates the pressure adjustment in the air chamber of the Respiratory Plate Cushion. In this way the adjusted pressure can be objectively assessed and in case of repetitive treatments be easily replicated.

What customers say

"The new form of the respiratory plate in combination with the respiratory plate cushion does not only facilitate the replication of SBRT treatments of lung and abdominal tumors, but is also more comfortable than conventional respiratory plates.

Chris Winter RT, Head Radiotherapy, University hospital Zurich

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