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Besides standard and research solutions, Pearl Technology AG offers customized solutions for OEMs in the field of radiology.

Projects are very often related to the placement, positioning and fixation of patients for new MRI systems or coils.

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Pearltec Customized Solutions

X-ray / CT / MRI table pads

Durable and long-lasting table pads following latest hygiene standards in different lengths, stabilities and covers.

Arm Holder Angio in combination with arm shells

Positioning aid for comfortable fixation of the arms without pressure points in interventional radiology, cardiology and neuroradiology.

Head-fixation Angio

Vacuum positioning aid to immobilize head during neuro-vascular interventions in combination with iFIX and inclination wedge.

Mamma MRI comfort pad

Positioning aid to reduce pressure pain at the sternum/rib comb in Mamma MRI examinations (Optimized for 7ch coil Philips)

Elevating Cushion

Positioning aid for pneumatic elevation of immobile palliative patients in MRI

U-profiles for veterinary medicine

U-profiles made of foam and welded into a hard-wearing polyurethane foil for an excellent hygiene.

Reference Project OptiX


To design a positioning aid for hand/wrist, elbow and knee examinations with GE’s Optima MR 430s extremity scanner (including predecessors).

Key Challenge

To develop positioning aids that can be easily adapted to the individual anatomy and that work although the available space is very limited. Moreover, positioning aids need to significantly accelerate the work flow.


  • Design that is comparable to pressure sleeves with an integrated scale and allows simple as well as quick positioning inside the iso-center of the coil
  • Pearl chambers that individually adapt to each anatomy and allow a gentle, even and stable immobilization during the entire exam

What our customers say

The OptiX product family accelerates the workflow approximately 7 minutes per patient, improves image quality and leads to improved patient comfort and excellent hygiene.

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Reference Project Aspect


Development of an optimal positioning solution for hand/wrist examinations with the WristView™ MRI System by Aspect Imaging.

Key Challenge

To develop a positioning solution for hand/wrist examinations which is directly integrated into the WristView™ MRI System and allows an easy adaptation to the patient’s anatomy as well as accelerates the workflow significantly.


  • An adaptable multi-chamber system, which is connected to the coil and can be operated directly through the user interface screen.
  • Chambers filled with EPS pearls are designed to fit the anatomy of the patient’s hand and allow a comfortable, even and stable immobilization throughout the entire exam.

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