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CT HeadFix: Integrated, fast and hygienic

CT scans must be fast. Especially in emergencies, each second counts. Images must be of good quality; having to retake images is to be avoided at all costs because of the additional exposure to radiation. This is not an easy undertaking with a high number of traumatized and disoriented emergency patients. Many acute, open wounds also require the utmost in standards of hygiene.

The CT HeadFix offers an integrated, fast and hygienic positioning solution for the fixation of the head in the CT head holder.



Integrating positioning solution

Enables efficient, fast and easy fixation. Helps to optimize work processes and reduce the need for lots of different products.

Stable fixation, even with uncooperative patients

Thanks to the even and symmetrical pressure distribution, it is possible to ensure very good immobilization, even with demanding patient groups.

Perfectly hygienic

Can be cleaned easily without leaving residue, provides reliable protection, thereby increasing safety and the wellbeing of the patient.

Adaptable and comfortable head fixation

The adaptive and pressure-point free immobilization increases patient comfort and has a positive effect on the entire examination procedure.


Potty, fast and universal – in only 5 steps to the CT brain scan



We have tested the CT HeadFix during perfusion, since the examination lasts 40 seconds and perfusion is mostly used with uncooperative patients. This worked really well with the positioning aid and there wasn‘t even a hint of a wobble.

CT Manager

At weekends especially, we have lots of emergencies – everything comes at once... Sweat, blood and vomit. The CT HeadFix is easy to disinfect, meets our hygiene standards and speeds up our work processes.

CT Lead Tech

Technical Data

Purpose: Positioning aid for head fixation in the CT head holder

Compatibility: Compatible with various CT head holders

Materials: TPU foil, EPS pearls

Labeling: CE, MR safe, non sterile, RX only

Packaging: 600 mm x 350 mm x 50 mm

Storage: Dry, room temperature